Towbar Accessories

Bike Racks

Towbar mounted bike racks in various styles to suit your vehicle

8 Bike Rack Carrier

Got more than a few bikes? We've got you covered with trailer extensions to carry bikes for everyone!


-  Trailer mounted bike rack

-  Steel construction
-  Hot dip galvanised
-  Upright poles are removable
-  Pictured rack carries 8 bikes
-  Can be custom built to fit your existing trailer or we can do the whole package, including trailer 

Wheelchair Carriers

Lightweight and easy to carry. These convert from storage to carrier in less than a minute!


-  Fits over the towball on a towbar

-  Hot dip galvanised
-  Extendable arm makes for easy access to your boot when chair is not installed
-  Fully adjustable to accommodate most wheelchairs
-  PVC wheelchair covers with adjustable straps available